Sign this petition urging our local leaders to defend our constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from being canceled by the Governor’s endless emergencies.


Provide relief and protection for individuals and businesses suffering under the

emergency declarations and restrictions of the Governor.


Empower local governments and law enforcement agencies to uphold the higher law (the U.S. Constitution) when there is a conflict with lower law.


Pass local resolution(s) and ordinance(s) that require adherence to the U.S. Constitution above all lower laws or executive orders.

Sign the Petition Online

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people and businesses to show their support. Signing online or signing on a physical sheet both help us to show our elected officials that we STAND TOGETHER.

Print a 10-line Petition for Circulation and Distribution !!!


Do you know of a business that has suffered due to Kate Brown’s emergency orders and shutdowns?  If so, please print a poster and ask that business if you can place it on their door!!

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Stand 4 FREEDOM Resolution Template

Once signatures are collected, we will contact each county/city that has enough signatures (goal is 3-5% of the population) and ask to be added to that Council or Board of Commissioners Meeting Agenda.

Once a meeting day & time is set, we will contact the petition signers for that county/city via email and/or phone, and ask that you submit written and/or verbal testimony to go along with your signature.

Our goal is that every county and city in Oregon adopt a resolution, then an ordinance, stating that when a lower law (city, county, state) conflicts with the highest law of the land, the US Constitution, that they will abide by their oath and uphold the US Constitution over any lower law.

To view the template Stand 4 FREEDOM resolution, click the button below.


Every big project takes effort. We welcome and appreciate anyone who is willing to volunteer. We have a variety of needs when it comes to completing this project. If you are willing please complete our volunteer form and we will contact you to see how you would be interested in participating.