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Being an Oregonian means something, or at least it used to. Together we can work to restore Oregon to the state that we grew up in (or came to) based on the opportunity, freedoms, and rights that it offered.


Through activism, fundraising, and petitioning we will restore balance to our Oregon Legislature by ending the Democratic Supermajority.

Sign our petition urging your local leaders to defend your constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from being canceled by the Governor’s endless emergencies.

Looking for Real Time ePetition Results?

To see the total number of ePetitions received thus far, in real time, click the button below and scroll to the bottom of the Stand 4 FREEDOM page!

You can see the breakdown by county, by city, and by # of business owners.

Volunteer with Restore Oregon NOW & Stand 4 Freedom!

We need volunteers to assist us with various projects at the county and city levels. This could include attending rallies, city council, board of commissioners, and school board meetings. It could also include sending letters and emails to local and state elected officials, and letters to editors of local newspapers. We also need people willing to help moderate various social media accounts, or with creating graphics and content design.



We are currently in the process of validating the 2020 Recall Kate Brown petitions. This project will assist in identifying those registered as Independent, Democrat, & Non-Affiliated who are conservative-leaning.

This information is vital in assisting conservative candidates in upcoming elections!