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If you prefer to donate by mail, please send your check or money order to:

Restore Oregon NOW
PO Box 54
Lebanon, OR 97355

We need YOUR help to make our objectives come to fruition!

Restore Oregon NOW’s objectives are:

  • Bringing balance to Oregon by supporting targeted candidates, volunteering and fundraising.

  • Fighting against unconstitutional edicts and mandates placed on Oregonians by Governor Kate Brown, which devastate our economy, our livelihood, our emotional/mental health, our small businesses, our children, and our elderly.

  • Educating voters.

  • Increasing voter participation.

  • Empowering and equipping Oregonians to action.

  • Partnering with other organizations who support our mission.

  • Amending the Oregon Constitution to limit emergency powers

  • Holding elected officials accountable to their oath of office.

  • Passing resolutions and ordinances at the local level; opposing orders, mandates, and even laws that conflict with higher laws found in the constitution.