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Initiative Petition 301 – State Referendum!! 

This petition seeks to refer Senate Bill 554 (2021) to


To print the single-sign eSheet, please click HERE. To view the full wording of Senate Bill 554, which has passed in the Legislature and Governor Brown has signed into effect 91 days from end of this legislative session, please click HERE.

To summarize a few key portions of this bill:

  • Requires person to secure firearm with trigger or cable lock, in locked container, or in gun room except in specified circumstances. Punishes violation by maximum of $500 fine. Punishes violation by maximum of $2,000 fine if minor obtains unsecured firearm as result of violation.

  • Requires owner or possessor of firearm to secure firearm with trigger or cable lock or in locked container when transferring firearm under circumstances requiring criminal background check. Punishes violation by maximum of $500 file.

  • Requires person to report loss or theft of firearm within 72 hours of time person knew or reasonably should have known of loss or theft. Provides that failure to report lost or stolen firearm constitutes negligence per se. Punishes violation of requirement by maximum of $1,000 fine.

  • Requires person transferring firearm to minor to directly supervise minor’s use of firearm.

  • Authorizes board of public university, Oregon Health and Science University, community college or school district to adopt policy providing that affirmative defense for concealed handgun licensees possessing firearms on school grounds DOES NOT APPLY. Provides that in prosecution for possession of firearm on school grounds subject to policy, within Capitol, or within passenger terminal of certain airports, concealed handgun licensee affirmative defense is not complete defence but RESULTS IN CLASS A MISDEMEANOR CONVICTION PUNISHABLE BY 364 DAYS’ IMPRISONMENT, $6,250 FINE, OR BOTH.

If you are in agreement with referring these new gun laws to the voters, rather than letting our Supermajority decide what is best for us…we encourage you to print and complete the petition.  Please follow the instructions carefully when completing the petition.

Once complete and double-checked for accuracy and readability, please mail the petition directly to Responsible Response, 2570 Greenwood Road S., Independence, OR 97351.


  • You must SIGN IN TWO PLACES. The first is stating that you are requesting this petition to be placed on the ballot for approval or rejection by the registered voters of Oregon.  The second is stating that you personally printed the petition sheet or requested that a separate person print it so that you can sign it.
  • The petition MUST BE DATED.

  • Please PRINT your name and residence address on the last row. Please PRINT LEGIBLY.

  • It is forbidden by the Secretary of State to pre-print and distribute the eSheets. They can only be printed one at a time, by request only.

  • As with any petition, please read the full cover sheet including all instructions, and comply with any instructions provided.

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