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  • It is forbidden by the Secretary of State to pre-print and distribute the eSheets. They can only be printed one at a time, by request only.

  • As with any petition, please read the full cover sheet including all instructions, and comply with any instructions provided.

IP301 – Referendum 301 from

Where the Citizens Veto Senate Bill 554

Read Senate Bill 554

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Oregon Legislature passed HB2681during the 2021 long session. This bill basically guts voter list maintenance by allowing a voter’s address to be out of date and inaccurate. We don’t know where the voter is located. They also are no longer required to vote within any time frame. These are key indicators that the voter is inactive.  Previously, Oregon required a voter to vote at least one time within a 5 year time or that voter was removed from the voter list, or marked as “inactive”.

A few years ago under Dennis Richardson the time requirement was moved to 10 years or the voter would be removed.

HB2681 takes away any time requirement. It could be 10, 20, 30 or more years.

IP-302 is to refer this BAD BILL to Oregonian voters, rather than allowing our elected legislators to determine our fate in regards to the integrity of Oregon’s elections.

Clean voter rolls are the hallmark of good elections. Let Oregon voters decide if they want this bill.


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To read HB2681 or to view more specific information such as deadlines, address to mail petitions to, etc., please visit the Chief Petitioner’s Website.

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